European Renal Nutrition working group #CJNeph


European Renal Nutrition working group #CJNeph

April 21, 2015


Dear Colleague,

At the end of last year, the ERA-EDTA Council approved the creation of the European Renal Nutrition (ERN) Working Group.

The ERN working group aims at promoting education and conducting research on the impact of lifestyle, diet, nutrient homeostasis and protein-energy wasting management on chronic kidney disease outcomes.

We hereby would like to invite you to become an ORDINARY MEMBER of the ERN. Please, join us to stay tuned on our renal nutrition activities!

We would like to draw your attention on the ERN webpage. In the membership section, workgroup members are able to access information related to the activity of the group. ERN members will also be able to interact with colleagues working in this particular field and start a network!

For further information on the ERN ERA-EDTA working group and how to become an ordinary member click here or email the group at

Thank you for supporting this new ERA-EDTA initiative!

Denis Fouque, Chairman
Université Claude Bernard, Dept Nephrology Lyon Sud, France
Juan-Jesus Carrero, Secretary
Karolinska Institutet, Dept Renal Medicine, Sweden


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